Hong Kong bestsellers list

We’ve been expecting you (to top the bestseller charts), Mr Bond…

Hello. I’m a writer living in Hong Kong. And by some accounts – see the picture – only Roger Moore’s writing is more popular here.

I arrived in Hong Kong in 1993 after following an overland route from London which included all the newly independent countries of the Silk Road. Since then, I have been exploring every street, hill and backwoods valley of this city, and these discoveries have resulted in three guidebooks: The Serious Hiker’s Guide to Hong Kong, The Leisurely Hiker’s Guide to Hong Kong and The Heritage Hiker’s Guide to Hong Kong, all published by FormAsia. You can find these on the books page here.

I have also written stories for the South China Morning Post, Discovery, Serendib, Hong Kong Business, Prestige and other publications. And in my other job, I run a publishing house called Blacksmith Books which puts out all sorts of titles about this part of the world.

Please have a look at the blog posts here to see hiking photos, recommended routes and some book excerpts. Thanks for reading!

Pete Spurrier

Author of the bestselling Hong Kong hiking guides